About the Store

Q: Do you have a physical retail store?
A: No, we are online only and don't open to the public, we don't offer to pick up.

About Product

Q: Are your product pictures taken from your real products?
A: All of our pictures are taken from examples of our real products.

Q: Can I get 100% exact products as I see on your website?
A: Most of our products are natural products, slight variations of color, size and form may occur. Also, the colors you see may vary slightly depending on your computer monitor.

Q: How many beads in a strand?
A: Most our beads are 16 inch long for one strand, if the beads are 8mm in diameter, the numbers of beads would be: 16*2.45/0.8=49, if the strand is 15.5 inch long and the beads are 5mm in diameter, the numbers of the beads would be: 15.5*2.45/0.5=76.

About ordering

Q: Do you have a minimum order?
A: We don't have a minimum amount for all orders.

Q: Do you send a confirmation email after I order?
A: Yes, a confirmation email is sent automatically. You will also receive an email when we mail your package.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at ebeadcorp@gmail.com or call us at 647-787-4598